‘Buckle' Fracture of the Arm / Wrist

Emergency Department

Garrett Anderson Centre

Telephone: 01473 702035 or 702036

What do I need to do?

Your child has suffered a ‘buckle’ fracture of the arm/wrist. This is the most common type of fracture in young children. Young bone is still soft and flexible. For this reason, instead of breaking all the way through, the bone has a small crack or kink on one side only.

More Information

The fracture heals very well in a simple splint, which needs to be worn for three weeks.

In the early stages it is important to give your child appropriate doses of paracetamol or ibuprofen to help with the pain.

After three weeks, the splint can be removed and simple day-to-day activities are encouraged. In the first few weeks after splint removal the wrist is still likely to be a little sore and stiff.

Your child may return to sports such as swimming as soon as comfortable, but should avoid things like climbing frames, trampolines and contact sports (such as football, netball, rugby, basketball) for six weeks.

If the pain gets worse or lasts more than eight weeks, or you are concerned about your child’s wrist, contact the Fracture Clinic on: 01473 704683
Monday to Friday, 8 am – 12 noon.

If there is no answer, please leave a message and a member of the team will contact you.

Please let them know:

  • your name;
  • your hospital number;
  • the date of your Emergency Department attendance; and
  • your contact number.