Discharge Advice Following an Appendicectomy

Bergholt Ward
Tel: 01473 or 702195

What do I need to do?

Information for parents, guardians and carers.

Your child will probably feel some discomfort when moving about for a week or so after they leave hospital.

  1. For pain relief give paracetamol ~ or ibuprofen as instructed on the bottle or packet.
  2. Encourage your child to move around as much as possible, but they must avoid lifting and contact sports for four weeks.
  3. Your child may return to school in about seven days, when they are feeling comfortable, and gradually return to normal activities over the next four weeks.
  4. The wound dressing will be replaced before your child is discharged from hospital.
  5. If the wound area appears red or becomes more painful, contact your GP.
  6. If your child has dissolvable stitches, they can have a shower 48 hours after their surgery, but they should not use any soap or shower gel.

We will explain to you what sort of stitches your child has.

  1. If they are dissolvable stitches, after seven days soak the dressing off in the bath and leave the wound uncovered.
  2. If the stitches need to be removed it will be explained to you when that should be. Please make an appointment with your GP. Once the stitches have been removed your child may have a bath.

If you are at all concerned about your child’s recovery please contact your GP.

You can also contact Bergholt Ward directly, day or night, on 01473 702194 or 702195.

We hope your child feels better soon.