Guide to NG Tubes

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This is an NG tube.

It allows fluids and liquid medicines to go straight into your stomach. Is a long soft tube which passes up through your nostril, down past your throat and into your stomach.

It will be measured first, to make sure it is long enough and sits in the right place within your stomach.

It helps to drink water through a straw during the placement of the tube – keep swallowing! ‘Passing’ the tube may be a little uncomfortable and it will feel strange for a little while.

It will be checked by the nurse, to ensure it’s in the right place.  The nurse will use a syringe on the end of the tube to draw up some fluid, and test it on some colour changing litmus paper.

It will be secured with some soft plasters, usually across one cheek.

It can be left in place for a few hours to a few months, depending on why you need it.

It still allows you to eat and drink as normal – please check with your nurse first.

For more information

Speak to your nurse or play specialist.