Guide to Ultrasound Scans

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This is an Ultrasound machine.

It makes images of your body using high (ultra) frequency soundwaves. It is a frequency humans cannot hear.

It uses a hand-held probe called a Transducer to send the soundwaves through your body. The soundwaves bounce back, creating an echo to produce a moving image on the screen.

It doesn’t make any noise or hurt you.  The probe, with the help of some lubricant gel, is moved smoothly over the area by a sonographer.

The room may be dimly lit. This allows the sonographer a better view of the black and white image on the computer screen.

It can take just a few minutes for each picture and the sonographer may need to use the computer to take measurements. Try to keep still.

It can be used on various parts of the body.  They are most commonly used on pregnant women for checking unborn babies.

It is ok for a parent or carer to stay with you throughout your scan and you will be advised on whether you need to be fasted (no food or drink), or to drink more before your scan.

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