Guide to X-ray

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Bergholt Ward, Ipswich Hospital
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This is an X-Ray machine.


It makes images of your body using two parts of a machine; the X-ray generator camera and X-ray detector.

It uses X-ray energy to pass from the generator through your body to the detector on the other side, and a computer helps generate an image.

It won’t touch you, or hurt you.  The bed or plate (the detector) and camera (the generator) moves up and down, left and right using the foot pedals and pull handles, to get it into position.

It doesn’t make any noise like some scanners do.

It will shine a light from the camera onto the area of your body that needs X-raying.

It allows a parent or carer to stay with you throughout your X-ray, but they will need to wear a protective lead apron.

It can take just a few seconds for each picture. Try to keep still.

For more information

Speak to your nurse or play specialist.