Head Injury Children over 5 years old

Emergency Department
Garrett Anderson Centre
Telephone: 01473 702035 or 702036

What do I need to do?

Your child has a head injury, but the doctor feels that they do not need to stay in hospital.

Head Injuries

Try to keep your child resting quietly when you get home.

Give your child paracetamol (Calpol), every 4-6 hours, a maximum of four times a day, and ibuprofen, every 6-8 hours, a maximum of three times a day, if necessary to relieve a mild headache.

Let your child go to bed at the normal time, but wake them before you go to bed and again at about 4am to make sure they are reacting normally for them when being woken

Let your child go to school and carry on as normal if they feel alright.

Let your child eat normally, but do not let them have fizzy drinks.

Watch your child closely for the next 3-4 days.

Take them to your nearest Emergency Department or telephone us on 01473 702035 if:

  • they have a very bad headache which does not get better after they have taken medicine;
  • they become more sleepy than usual or are hard to wake up;
  • they are sick more than three times;
  • they find it hard to walk;
  • they act differently;
  • their body or face starts to twitch;
  • you are worried about them.

If you are concerned, please return to the Emergency Department.