Arrangements for Long-term Open Access Agreement

Paediatric Outpatient Department, Tel: 01473 702181

Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU), Tel: 01473 702198

Bergholt Ward, Tel: 01473 702194

Paediatric Investigation Unit (PIU), Tel: 01473 702589

Information for parents, guardians and carers

Open access is a pre-arranged agreement between an Ipswich Hospital consultant and a child’s family and carers to allow direct access to the hospital’s Child Health services, without a referral from a health professional, such as a GP.

If a child has a long-term health condition that is unstable or may require rapid access to hospital services, open access is arranged to prevent a delay in the child being able to access the services he or she needs.

This would usually be when the condition for which your child is under consultant review in Children’s Outpatients, has changed or deteriorated.

For example, if your child is treated for epilepsy, you should use the open access arrangement if they have a sudden increase in the frequency or severity of their fits.

Your child’s consultant will discuss with you and list the reasons for which you may need to use the open access arrangement.

Please speak to a nurse before leaving for the hospital by calling the Paediatric Assessment Unit on 01473 702198, 9am – 9.30pm, Monday – Friday and 12 noon – 6.30 pm, weekends and bank holidays.

Outside these hours, please contact Bergholt Ward on 01473 702194 – This will allow the nurse to assess the most appropriate area for your child to be cared for in.

This would be when your child has an illness or injury unrelated to their underlying condition.

This might be due to a childhood illness such as tonsillitis, gastroenteritis or injury, in which case you should seek medical advice via your child ‘s GP or the Emergency Department, whichever is most appropriate.

This would be if your child is critically unwell or unsafe to travel in a car or by public transport, for example, if your child is fitting or the fit lasts longer than five minutes.

Almost all medication is available from your child ‘s GP on repeat prescription. Your consultant will write to your child’s GP with directions for any new medications or changes in dose for his or her current medication.

Your child’s consultant will discuss with you any medication that needs to be obtained from the hospital.

You will need to contact the secretary of your child’s consultant at least two weeks before you need a new supply of any of the above medications. This allows for the availability of your child’s consultant and the hospital pharmacy ordering and/or manufacturing these medications.

Consultant’s secretary’s contact details:

Consultant & Secretary’s tel no:
Dr P Desai 01473 702172
Dr L Filby 01473 702172
Dr J Buck 01473 702170
Dr C Yale 01473 702170
Dr A McDonald 01473 702170
Dr M James 01473 702182
Dr D Fernando 01473 702182