Open Access

Your child has been given open access

Open Access

Open access means that during the period of time stated, you can contact Bergholt Ward or the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) for advice and, if necessary, you can come directly back to the ward for assessment.


Bergholt Ward and PAU accept children from various sources and can be busy at times. Please always telephone before leaving home. At busy periods we may ask you to go to the Emergency Department for your child to be assessed by a doctor. 


If you have concerns about your child after the period of open access has ended please contact your GP, or in the event of an emergency, the Emergency Department.

Useful telephone numbers

Bergholt Ward 01473 702194 or 01473 702195


Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) 01473 702198

Open Mon-Fri, 9am-9 pm and Sat, Sun and bank holidays, 12 noon-5 pm.


Children’s Emergency Department 01473 702254